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Workshop with The Happening Collective

Whats happening???! Lots’o of fun that is! I got to spend a weekend in April with the lovely ladies from The Happening Collective. We met via instagram and have been planning this shin-ding ever since. It was so perfect to bring in Brier Rose Design for flower crowns prior to the watercolor workshop where we […]


Sketchbook Diaries

HAPPY Tuesday! Thought I would share some of my sketchbook diaries. I sketch just about everything from people I see, and fashion to patterns and elements from my imagination. Hope you enjoy. XO K.Mala


Mother’s Day Wishlist by K.Mala Studio

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Sure every mom loves flowers but how about something more creative??? Idea #1 Watercolor Workshop in Costa Mesa at Heritage Mercantile(see shop above, so cute!), sign-up here!!! Idea #2 For the dog mom’s! Custom Pet Portraits Idea #3 Speak Wine! Love their wine AND the labels! ♥ ♥ ♥   (also LOVE that […]

Art Workshops

Watercolor and Wine April 15th Workshop

Watercolor and Wine at WAYFARE! This was the first time I took Watercolor and Wine to a new location! We all had a great night painting pineapples, color wheels and hand-lettering posters. Take a peek below at what you missed and remember you can still sign-up for Watercolor and Wine April 29th at Sourced Collective. Thank […]

Art Inspiration Palette Mix

Palette Mix #1

Welcome to the new blog series Palette Mix! Music & art go together like sriracha and pizza (is that just me???). When I am painting I always have music playing that is going to set the mood;) Usually it is something relaxing but it totally depends on what I am working on. In this series […]

Watercolor and Wine Workshop March 2015 with Speak Wines image

Watercolor and Wine Workshop March 2015 with Speak Wines

Watercolor and Wine last month was exciting! The ladies from Speak Wines came by to share their wine with the class. I spotted the cutest-wine-eva’ a.k.a. Speak Wines on Instagram and I just knew I had to reach out to them. The branding and whimsical labels are spot-on and would be perfect for so many […]

Art freebies

Springy Desktop Backgrounds and Announcements!

H-E-L-L-O Spring! I don’t know what the weather is like where you are but it feels more like summer here in Laguna Beach. So much is going on this spring, it can’t be summer yet?!! I hope you will join me for some creative rest and relaxation before spring is over. First up, April 15th […]

Art Workshops

Watercolor and Wine February 2015 Workshop

Thank to everyone who came out for Watercolor and Wine in February! We learned about the color wheel and color theory, painting washes and clouds, wet-into-wet blending technique and a silhouetted tropical landscape painting. Below is a quick recap of the class, enjoy! Also, check out instagram for more workshop photos #watercolorandwine Join us for the […]